Avast registration for 2013

posted 31 May 2013, 01:41 by WillisITServices
Dear loyal customers and users of Avast,

Here is a guide, much like last year, to explain what buttons to click to register Avast for another year:

You have probably already seen the following message:

Click on the Continue button. You will be taken to the next screen:

Click the grey Select button for Standard Protection.

As explained last year, I regard the standard protection as completely adequate, partly on the assumption that the features of the paid protection are covered by other programs already on your computer, and partly because there is a very high chance that I have already maintained your computer to a high standard of speed and safety.

The Avast registration process is even easier than before. Next, just type in your email address and click the green Register button: 

Lastly, you will be presented with one final offer to upgrade to a trial version of the paid security suite. It needs to be dismissed by clicking Stay with basic protection: