Trusteer Rapport - Do you need it?

posted 26 Aug 2014, 02:16 by WillisITServices
This addresses a common question regarding a piece of security software that is recommended by some (but definitely not all) banks. Many of my customers have encountered slowness, errors and incompatibilities that can only be solved by removing Trusteer Rapport (AKA Trusteer Endpoint Protection), so this raises the query - Do you need it?

Trusteer's main purpose is to identify where and how you are using your passwords to ensure that your banking security information is not compromised. If however, you are vigilant in keeping your banking password separate from everything else, and can easily identify whether you are using your bank's genuine log in page, you have already achieved the security measures intended by Trusteer Rapport. Assuming that you also are already using a good, secure web browser and anti-virus, this further removes the need for Trusteer Rapport as you will already be protected from email scams, phishing (fake) websites and viruses.

I have carried out some prior research and concluded that none of the banks insist that you have Trusteer Rapport for any legal insurance against fraud. It is purely optional. It exists mainly for computer users who may not have good security software already installed, although it is hardly a replacement for a good anti-virus and web browser. So to conclude, if you have had to remove Trusteer Rapport, and all your other security is in place, you most likely do not need to re-install it.