Computer repairs and sales

Repairs / Servicing

All aspects of computer maintenance are covered, including Windows PC's and Apple Mac computers.

Please also enquire for full business solutions.

How much is your data worth?

Most people think about backing up about 10 minutes after it’s too late. I have a range of backup devices, and can I set up any computer to automatically backup whenever you shut down, or anytime you like. Even synchronise your laptop with your main desktop – wirelessly!

Nobody can afford to loose important work or personal photos. No data is safe unless it exists in at least two places.

Crisis time

I can in many situations, recover data on a computer that appears to be dead.

You feel like throwing it out of the window? Don’t do it! I know it’s annoying, and it won’t do what you want it to, and it’s really slow, and messages keep popping up, and you needed that done yesterday. There’s bound to be many things I can do to improve your computer.

New broadband and WiFi equipment?

Isn’t WiFi supposed to be easy to setup?

Well if you’re finding it isn’t, then I’ll ease another headache.


I don’t expect you to be really technical, that’s where I help. As a qualified adult education teacher, I am happy to explain.

I will always be realistic when assessing a repair. If the repair is not worthwhile, we can discuss alternative options. My goal is to never leave a customer feel forced into a repair or sale!

Please ring me (or email me if the computer’s working!) if you want to know more about any of the above, or would just like some advice.

If only I could see your computer over the phone

In fact I can, with your permission, set up remote control sessions whereby I can see your screen and control your computer. Don't worry, this is completely safe and secure, I can only be allowed in with the use of a different password each time.

This is ideal when the problem may only take 5 minutes to fix, or if you're interested in my services, but live too far away for a call out.


New and used laptops and desktops with quotes tailored to your requirements.

New desktop computers

I custom-build new desktop computers, based on your requirements, delivered and installed.

See my Free Advice section to read the benefits of my new computers.

New laptop computers

New laptops sold to order, ready to go with everything necessary to use it. This explains more.

To be quoted for a new computer, fill in this form or Contact Me via any other method.

Reconditioned laptops and desktops

Used computers that I test, clean, upgrade, and install the latest software updates. Perfect for a cost effective computer that will be significantly faster than a cheap new computer.

Please contact me for current reconditioned stock.


Run out of hard drive space? Need better wireless signal? How about upgrading to the latest version of Windows?

I aim to provide the most effective upgrade.

Everything else

    • Wireless bits

    • Cables from here to there

    • Printers

    • Screens

    • Most things that go into, next to, or with a computer