Business motives

started helping friends and family with their computers in the year 2000. It was quite clear that the average big name computer shop were very keen to sell their computers and any extra services, software, and unnecessary extras with a very poor explanation of why you, the consumer, need any of it.

I also believe that providing an on-site service is convenient to my customers, and allows me to experience problems in the environment they are used in, whilst providing immediate explanations and support to the customer.

Then what about all those megabits, megabytes, memories & multiple cores?

I’m not going to write a technical glossary here. As a qualified adult education teacher, I am used to translating geek to English so you don’t have to. This also means I do training, at your pace, to anyone of any age.

I’m well aware that selling technology is fiercely competitive. Unfortunately computer bits are sold according to the biggest numbers, which isn’t always the best product. I aim to understand your needs to take the hard work out of the decision making.

A brief career history

My career started with working in a hospital IT department part time for over 3 years. This introduced me to computer problems outside of my home. However, with such a large organisation, all computers had to be identical, therefore maintenance also became routine and repetitive.

In the meantime, my favourite independent computer repairer became interested in expanding his business. We had established a good working relationship and respect for each other's knowledge. I worked with his company for two years, gaining confidence in working independently in clients homes and businesses.

I then left the above business to 
pursue my own ever expanding client base. Since 2004 I have operated as an independent business, building my reputation.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to train as an adult education teacher, which contributes greatly with helping my clients learn more about the problems they experience and new features to use. 

In my spare time I am an active musician, perform and record my own music and that of other artists. I also have a keen involvement with classic cars.