Recommended Software

Please contact me with any questions on the following software. My methods of installation allow you to make the most from these programs.

Nearly all the programs I recommend are free. How is this possible? Home users are often eligible for great free software. These companies make their money from business users or from sales of other products.

Avast Anti-Virus

Too many anti-virus programs charge too much for slow, bloated and often ineffective software. I have used and recommended Avast anti-virus for years, for the following reasons:
  • Avast finds viruses. For the proof, see here:
  • Avast does not slow your computer down
  • Avast is free to home users and non-profit organisations! Businesses can pay for the Professional versions.

Google Chrome

A web browser may be the most frequently used piece of software on your computer. It is also the first point of entry for a virus and other malicious programs.

Internet Explorer comes with all versions of Windows. It is still the most popular web browser, and unfortunately the most targeted for malicious programs.

Still using Windows XP? No problem. However, the latest versions of Internet Explorer will never run on Windows XP - all the more reason to find an alternative.

My customers are regularly wowed by the speed and efficiency of Google Chrome. Also, Chrome will not support any malicious software written to target Internet Explorer.

Use the following special link to install Chrome for all users on your computer (otherwise Chrome needs to be installed separately for each user):

Libre Office

Libre Office is based on Open Office, a free suite of programs compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It also includes programs for drawing, equations and databases.

I specifically recommend Libre Office as it is capable of opening virtually any type of word processor document, and loads quicker than the standard Open Office.

The ideal solution for free productivity.

eM Client
There are many different ways to access and manage your emails. They all fall into two brackets: webmail (i.e., or a desktop client (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird).

For many years, Windows Live Mail was an easy to use and convenient desktop email client. Microsoft ceased development for this in 2012, and as such it does not support many of the security standards for modern email accounts.

Em Client is a perfect replacement, and supports the largest selection of different types
of email account, including cloud based contacts and calendars, that I have ever used. 
It is free to use if you only have 1 or 2 email addresses.

Allway Sync

Having a backup of your files is crucial. Even if you are aware of this, exactly how to have your files backed up is unclear and littered with choices.

In my experience, I have found that dedicated backup programs save your data in an awkward format, leaving you dependent on that program to recover anything.

Therefore I use Allway Sync, a program that can detect any differences between your main data and your backup disk, and make the data identical. You can then reliably use your backup disk on any computer to recover data.

I can make Allway Sync run automatically to take the hard work out of needing to back up.

Allway Sync is sold at a discount price through Willis IT Services. For more details, see here.